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• A natural herbal supplement for respiratory conditions such as asthma & hayfever •

Asthma Testimonials


Hayfever Testimonials


Yamoa Powder has been a miracle for me in regards to my asthma problem. Upon waking of a morning and during the night I am not coughing up phlegm and not taking heavy doses of Prednisone - I hope to stop taking the Prednisone as my arms are in terrible condition. Thomas Humphrey UK

I have been using the capsules and have success in controlling my asthma, after one weeks use. I have no need for my former asthma medication, I can breathe again without any side effects. Michael F Gaydos UK

I love the yamoa powder; It is truly remarkable stuff. I am a registered nurse and am very impressed with how it has totally eliminated all my asthma symptoms and allergies while I am on it. Hence, I will be a life long customer!! Nancy Doheny, USA

It is a miracle after 10 days I am off my inhalers. Thank you very much; keep up the good work. The Yamoa powder really works. Thank You: Steve Persons, Marshall, USA

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Congratulations, this marvelous product has produced immediate beneficial effect to my 29 year old niece who has suffered hay fever since childhood J. Cox, UK

"...after suffering for almost 40 years with very bad HAY FEVER...to my delight even though I took the dose 12-months prior I am convinced that I no longer suffer from HAY FEVER." N Porter, USA

“……and I had amazing results. I am a hay fever sufferer and after one week of taking Yamoa powder, I stopped taking my other medication. I had a great season with next to no hay fever whatsoever. B. Adedeji, Bristol, UK

I used to suffer really badly ….. but since I took Yamoa… I don’t know what hay fever is anymore.
Mrs. F Edosomwan, London, UK

I took Yamoa powder last year, it cleared my hay fever, and I have just realised I can peel onions without crying! I can cut into the root (the part that makes you cry) with no tears. Before Yamoa my eyes would be very sore. Diane Richards, UK

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COPD / Bronchitis Testimonials


I had such bad bronchitis I could barely walk to my mailbox, wheezing and puffing. I really couldn't imagine what I was going to do for myself. Then I heard about Yamoa Powder and sent for it as a last resort. I have only taken one day's course so far, and there is a dramattic difference in my breathing. It is like a miracle! I would like to be able to reach out to other sufferers in this country and tell them my story (and there are millions of them) -- I know they would buy your wonderful product. Letitia Ellsworth, Coupeville, USA

I was diagnosed with COPD several years ago and am on full time oxygen. After reading about Yamoa in “Alternatives” I thought it worth a try, but assumed that it may do me limited good with my severe condition. I have participated in a pulmonary rehab program three times a week for a couple of years.

When I started taking Yamoa about 3 months ago, my oxygen saturation would drop to around 78 within 10 minutes on a treadmill and bike, and I would have to stop and rest before resuming. After finishing the Yamoa, my oxygen saturation is around 90, 10 minutes into the exercise. I am going 30 minutes on a treadmill and 20 on a bike, at a faster rate, without stopping (and could go longer) - with the oxygen saturation staying in the mid to upper 80s.- The wheezing and bronchial tightness that I experience are largely gone-- my rehab nurse and doctor have been quite impressed with the sudden improvement. I assume that the Yamoa was mostly responsible as it was the most identifiable change in my regimen, likely to be linked to the results. Needless to say, I am very thankful for the improvement. I have sent you another order, hoping that a further regimen might contribute to additional improvement.
Neal Patterson, Chadron, NE – USA


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I have been using this product for a month and have found it helps me very much. I have gone from using the nebuliser 4 times daily to once daily. I have found a great improvement in my health. James Long, UK

I have been using the capsules and have success in controlling my asthma, after one weeks use. I have no need for my former asthma medication, I can breathe again without any side effects. Michael F Gaydos, USA


"Hi. I ordered Yamoa from you four months ago. I noticed improvement after one month. But not enough, so I did the second month and I am overjoyed that my lungs are very clear. The chronic bronchial asthma caused by bronchitis has gone. I have had this for over thirty years. What is most impressive is that I have tried many holistic products but could never eliminate my medication, Ventolin. Thank you so much for everything." From the UK


"...I did not get to take it in such a way to judge if it will cure me of asthma, because I shared it with my husband which I had not anticipated. I can tell you, however, that it was helping me more than anything I have ever tried, and I don't even care if it is necessary to take it forever since it helps me so much. The reason I shared it with my husband is that he has a persistent (about 6 months now) cough that the doctors cannot explain, + 3 sets of antibiotics + codine cough syrup do not help. It's a deep chest cough. I persuaded my darling skeptic to try my Yamoa, and it helped so much he was even taking it on his own, which never happens." Susan Barham, NC, USA


What can I say! The best thing I have taken for hayfever, ever. I am now no longer a summer sufferer of hay fever, no running nose, itching eyes or fits of a hundred sneezes, and what a bargain. It now no longer costs me about £10 a week to control the runny nose and so on. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from hay fever. Yamoa Powder is the only cure. Thank you for bringing this wonderful powder to my attention. Summer is once again a great time of year instead of a nightmare." Karen Barleycorn, London UK

"I've been using the powder for about two weeks, and I'm amazed at the results. I always have allergy problems in spring, but when I started taking the powder two weeks ago my allergic reactions stopped almost immediately. I'll be interested to see if they return when I complete my course of treatment in two more weeks or so." Ray Garrison, Utah, USA

"My wife who has suffered from hay-fever and sinus for years, can now say she feels it has cured her. She can get a good nights’ sleep now, and the “Pollen Count” does not worry her anymore. She says it is a ‘miracle cure’.I am ordering some for myself!" G Dalgleish, Northumb., UK

My 16 year old daughter has just about chewed her way through her Yamoa Powder and honey (lots of moaning) and I must admit she has been a lot better since taking it, not as much sneezing and not as bunged up. She still takes anti histamine but the symptoms are nowhere near as bad. She is currently taking her A levels and I feel confident that she has the best chance of fulfilling her potential now she feels better within herself. I am really glad she tried it and I will be recommending it to others. S B Johns

I would like to ...congratulate you for the cure of my Asthma and Hay Fever suffering. After taking your remedy for three weeks, I can say honestly that I notice the difference. It has helped with my chest and nasal problems. My daughter has also taken it for her hay fever...now she can go out without taking packets of tissues for her runny nose." Mrs S. R. Carr, London UK



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