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• A natural herbal supplement for respiratory conditions such as asthma & hayfever •

Product Origins & Source

The Yamoa supplement is a powder obtained from the bark of a rare variety of Funtumia Elastica, a gum tree that may only be found in Ghana and some neighbouring West African countries. The trees grow in the forest and the bark is harvested in such a way as to assure natural regrowth.

By the same token, the powder derived is both natural and organic. After special treatment and grading, by which the producer ensures consistent quality and strength, the final product is packed in UK under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions either as a loose powder in 30gm containers or in 60 capsule packs, the latter being vegecaps suitable for vegetarians.


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“Discovery”- The Story

It has been part of the african culture for hundreds of years to practice traditional medicine. One such traditional healer was Akua Asirifia and such was her reputation that people would travel great distances to receive her remedies.


Her grandson became accustomed to seeing long lines of people, young and old, coming and going from her house and realized that the extent of Akua’s fame was based on the dramatic relief people gained from the painful and debilitating symptoms of asthma and bronchial irritation when using her powder.

Most astonishing was that the treatment was in most cases one-off. Many people who had suffered for years from asthma, hayfever and other respiratory problems were free of their lifetime’s problem after taking the powdered bark of this gum tree.


Akua's success was brought to the attention of Dr. Miser, a Swiss Doctor based at a Presbyterian mission hospital in Agogo in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He sceptically acknowledged what he heard. However, when his patients continued to tell him that after taking the powder their symptoms had disappeared, he decided to investigate for himself.

Dr. Miser had suffered with mild asthma and so was somewhat intrigued. He sought to try the powder. The result amazed him, and he returned to Akua asking permission to have the powder tested. However Akua decided to guard the secret of the powder as it had been guarded through the generations of healers before her. Somewhat dismayed, Dr. Miser would often send his incurable cases to her - and would continue to call round in person. Dr. Miser pressed Akua for her knowledge, but she always refused.

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Meanwhile Akua’s grandson, Jerry emigrated to England and settled in South London. For many years Jerry worked for the Post Office where he was surprised that so many people suffered from asthma and hayfever which in Ghana he had seen so easily cured.

Remembering all that his grandmother had told him and the queues of people that received the remedy, Jerry travelled back to Ghana in 1994 and asked Akua to tell him her secret. He was initially refused, and it took much persuading by Jerry and other family members before Akua finally granted him the secret and let him bring the remedy to the UK.

Sadly, it was not many years later that Akua died, aged 107, pleased that her grandson would sustain her legacy.


Meanwhile Jerry, on his return to England, asked 20 colleagues at the Nine Elms Postal Office who suffered from asthma and hayfever to try the powdered bark. All 20 reported that they were much improved. Some were convinced that their asthma was completely gone and others with hayfever had no symptoms at all after the one month course.

For the first time, many of these people were able to lead a normal life because of this unique complementary natural remedy.

Jerry was overwhelmed with the results. They were remarkable with a 90% success rate, and two years later the first group were still going strong having discontinued other forms of medication. Obviously word spread, and Jerry was soon back in Ghana arranging for a regular shipment of the powder. Using his own surname as the trademark for his brand, Jerry Yamoa started to produce it commercially.

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