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Research & Product Safety

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Mode of Action
Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP states that ôResearch has not yet uncovered the exact mechanism of action but it is felt by the doctors who have trialed it, including myself, that it has some kind of immune modulatory action. That is to say, it readjusts the immune system, like turning up the thermostat, so that it is not so sensitive and no longer over-reacts to the usual triggers. It is likely that it is working this way in both asthma and hay fever. It seems that taking it for one or two months seems to do the trick for both conditions. ( Dr Eccles biography)



Asthma Research Results

All Research © 2002-2007
Dr Nyjon K Eccles
Reproduced by kind permission.

A Survey by Questionnaire. Dr. Nyjon K. Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP, The Chiron Clinic, 121 Harley Street & Jerry Yamoa, NHC Ltd.

200 Questionaires sent out. 120 Returned. 60% Response.
Number of Asthma patients: 70
Mean duration of Asthma: 16.4 years
Age Range: 1 - 68 years
Male patients: 49%; Female patients: 41%; Gender unknown: 10%
14 patients aged 1 - 29yrs; 40 patients aged 30 - 59yrs; 15 patients aged 60 - 89yrs

44% of patients who took part in the survey were Caucasian. 25% were African; 12% were Asian; 10% were Afro-Carribean and 9% were of undisclosed origin.


The reported number of attacks in one year experienced by the group before taking Yamoa was 78. Attacks dropped to 22 per year after Yamoa.

On average patients took some form of asthma medication 3.6 times a day before taking Yamoa Powder. The average number of times medication has been required on a daily basis since Yamoa has been taken is 1.7 times a day.

There were 3 hospital admissions amongst the group who responded to the survey before Yamoa was taken. Afterwards, there were none before the survey was completed.

The average peak flow rate reading taken before Yamoa was 350. The average taken since using Yamoa Powder was 420. This means an average improvement of 70.

12% of patients found no benefits from taking Yamoa. 19% experienced a mild improvemnt in their condition. 29% reported a CURE. 40% reported a marked improvement in their condition.

Thus 69%, that is 69 people in every 100, experienced AT LEAST a marked improvement in their asthma as a result of taking Yamoa Powder.

Indications show that greater benefits may be achieved the younger the patient. This may be because the condition has not been with younger patients as long as for those in the older group; they may not have the history of stress and illness that older people have, in which case younger immune systems may be stronger than old. The younger group most likely does not have other contributing factors such as life-long smoking history etc.



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Hayfever Research Results

All Research © 2002-2006
Dr Nyjon K Eccles
Reproduced by kind permission.

A Survey by Questionnaire. Dr. Nyjon K. Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP, The Chiron Clinic, 121 Harley Street & Jerry Yamoa, NHC Ltd.

Number of Patients: 73
Mean duration of Hayfever: 19.8 yrs.
Age Range of Patients: 1 - 66 yrs.
45% male. 41% female. 14% unknown gender.
9 patients belonged to the 0-29 year old bracket.
56 patients belonged to the 30-59 year old bracket.
5 patients belonged to the 60-89 year old bracket.

54% of patients described themselves as 'white'. 26% were African. 9% were Afro-Carribean. 5% were Asian. 6% were of unknown ethnic origin.

The longest time a patient took Yamoa for for hayfever was 6 months; the shortest amount of time was one week. The average length of time Yamoa was taken for was 1.6 months.


12% of patients found Yamoa did not help their hayfever symptoms. 11% of patients' symptoms improved mildly after taking Yamoa; 34% reported a marked improvement in their hayfever symptoms, and 43% believed they had cured their hayfever using Yamoa Powder.

Thus 77% of patients stated that their hayfever symptoms improved at least markedly after taking Yamoa Powder.


Age Group: 1-29
0% of patients found that Yamoa did not help them at all. 33% received a mild improvement; 33% reported a marked improvement in their symptoms and 33% of patients believed they had received a cure after taking Yamoa Powder for their hayfever.

Age Group: 30-59
9% of patients in this age group believed they did not benefit from taking Yamoa. 7% believed they improved mildly. 37% reported marked improvement from the use of Yamoa, and 47% of people in this age group claimed Yamoa cured their hayfever.

Age Group: 60-89
20% of patients did not receive any benefits from taking Yamoa Powder. 40% believed they improved mildly; 20% believed they improved markedly, and 20% believed they were cured through the use of Yamoa Powder.

Results by main ethnic groups - African: 17 & Caucasian: 35
All Africans found they received benefits from taking Yamoa. 6% believed their symptoms improved mildly; 24% believed their hayfever improved markedly and 71% believed they were cured of their hayfever symptoms after taking Yamoa Powder.

20% of caucasians believed they did not respond to Yamoa at all. 9% believed they improved mildly; 37 believed their symptoms were improved markedly after taking Yamoa, and 34% believed they were cured of hayfever after taking Yamoa Powder.



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General Safety


Random batch testing is regularly undertaken on the raw material to screen for harmful pathogens. In 2002 quantities of Yamoa Powder were microbiologically analysed for bacteria and harmful pathogens e.g. Salmonella, E-Coli, Faecal Coliforms and Faecal streptococci. The tests concluded that "The analyses undertaken provided no evidence of the presence of pathogenic bacteria on any of the samples examined". The tests were commissioned by Jerry Yamoa as some people prefer to see the proof, although he had every confidence that Yamoa is safe. Tests had also been undertaken earlier (1996 to 1998) at the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (MINISTRY OF HEALTH), Ghana, by S. Osafaro-Mensah MSc. Mr Osafaro's reported that "The investigation and clinical trials conducted have shown that Yamoa is safe for human use...and when the bark is dried it can safely be stored for up to 6yrs before being ground for use".




Yamoa Powder is derived only from a natural and organically grown bark; it is subjected to quality and standardisation checks and hermetically packed under food grade hygiene conditions as a supplement that is taken orally.



Side effects:

Over many years and hundreds of patients using Yamoa, both Drs Eccles and Williams have neither seen nor had reported to them any cases of serious or irreversible adverse effects. There have been single reports of a rash, of water-retention, a tickly cough, a stomach ache and palpitations (the latter in association with taking blood pressure tablets - see Drug Interactions below).

Some people may experience what is termed a 'healing reaction' (sometimes known as a healing 'crisis') initially with Yamoa. This is when symptoms appear to worsen before they start to improve, which can be quite alarming particularly for asthma sufferers. Please bear this in mind, and although it is rare with Yamoa, it is common with many herbal and complimentary therapies. Please be sure, particularly if you suffer from respiratory attacks such as in asthma, that you carry your emergency medication with you at all times, even if you feel Yamoa has helped you combat your condition.



Caution: Purely as a precaution and in the absence of additional data, we do not recommend you take Yamoa if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are on blood pressure medication. We also do not recommend mixing the powder with honey or another sweet carrier if you suffer from fungal infections in the respiratory tract. If you find you are experiencing any adverse symptoms from taking Yamoa, please let us know. [Click here to report].



Drug Interactions with Yamoa Powder:

The manufacturer has had feedback from just one lady regarding a possible interaction between Yamoa Powder and her daily dose of 0.5mg of Norvasc (blood pressure drug), resulting in palpitations which increased in severity the longer she used the powder. She ceased use of the powder, and her palpitations disappeared after a few days. This is the only drug interaction known to date.

  If you experience any adverse reaction when you take Yamoa, you must stop immediately, consult your healthcare specialist and also inform us so that we can advise others of possible interactions. [Click here to report].
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