From the forests of Africa comes an ancient recipe using the bark of a rare gum tree,
now supplied and manufactured to full British and International standards.
• A natural herbal supplement for respiratory conditions such as asthma & hayfever •
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Now Take A Deep Breath!

 Taking a deep breath is not always so easy. But are you suffering unnecessarily? Or maybe your child or someone else close to you? Are you looking to relieve any of the following which are commonly the cause of, or associated with,
respiratory and allergic conditions?
Laboured breathingNasal congestionBlocked sinuses
Tight chest &WheezingSneezing (seasonal)Itchy & streaming eyes
Hayfever (Allergic rhinitis) Runny Nose & SniflesLoss of taste & smell
Asthma “Summer Cold” Chronic Bronchitis

See Dr. Eccles explains

If you are looking for a safe but effective natural remedy, help is at hand.

As we enter the 21st Century, news of a previously unreported traditional African extract from a rare Funtumia Elastica tree is causing real excitement as a natural treatment with some users even claiming a full cure for their Asthma or Hayfever.
yamoa research remedial for asthma and hayfever 

A natural, organic supplement, Yamoa powder is now having a significant impact on the lives of thousands of sufferers in the USA and UK. Already known to some naturopathic and herbal practitioners, this treatment is now being subjected to intense scientific research and analysis by a London university.


Dramatic results in earlier medical research were reported by Dr Eccles at the Chiron Clinic in 2002. He found that that over 70% of all Asthma and Hayfever patients benefited from a really marked improvement with Yamoa Powder. However, the really exciting news is that a third or more of sufferers were cured, usually after no more than a couple of month’s treatment [Research]

 Dr David Williams in the USA indicates that he believes Yamoa powder to be quite safe for sufferers of all ages. After research and testing of Yamoa, he has neither seen nor spoken to anyone experiencing any adverse effects [Usage & Dosage].
manyfacturing of yamoa
 Sounds simple but it wasn’t so easy. Had Jerry Yamoa not persuaded his reluctant grandmother, a revered local healer in Africa, to reveal this ancient and secret remedy, there is a good chance that it would never have come to light. Even then, he had to spend considerable time testing, developing and standardizing the product for commercial use. 
asthma and hayfever remedies


The result is a safe, simple and easy to take complementary remedy

(in powder and capsule form) that gives great relief. It could allow you to join in everyday activities that everyone else takes for granted and be your natural answer for a more normal life [Usage & Dosage].


It’s no fun being an asthma or hayfever statistic (i.e. one of 40 m. in the USA and 10m. in the UK) but why take our word for it. Just look at the joy and relief that thousands of sufferers have reported with Yamoa [Testimonials] and what journalists, health writers and the media have written [Press] about this fantastic product which is only now really being “discovered” at the beginning of the 21st Century [Research].


Dr Eccles says:

"I'm amazed by the consistent benefit to asthma and hayfever patients that I have seen with these products"



Yamoa Powder & Capsules – For Asthma and Hayfever Sufferers
Your natural supplement and one of life’s little essentials.


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